Sunday, September 26, 2010

The trailer

Oh dear. We're really doing this, aren't we?

We bought a trailer.

It's a white rectangle, about 10 by 8 by 8 (or something). My whole life basically has to fit into that thing (OK, there's also my trunk and the rocket box that'll go on top of my car but my car is small, y'all).

I knew before the trailer was purchased (By the way, if you're considering moving across country, and taking your time on the trip, be prepared: renting a trailer can cost almost as much as buying one. And it doubles as storage, and you can sell it when you arrive.) what size it would be, but still, when I look at it, the reality of the situation starts to sink in.

I'm getting ready to say goodbye to my bed, my dresser and tons of books. However, I refuse to give up my baking supplies or my dining table. I've enjoyed far too much the giant dinner parties with 12 to 16 people around my beautiful teak table (it has two full sized leaves) for me to imagine getting rid of it (and did I mention I paid $100 for it? Yeah. Don't lie. You're jealous.)
Perhaps most terrifying; I think I'm going to have to downsize my closet.

When I look in the generous closets I've had for the last two years, it makes me nervous. I mean, the luxuries of my current closet system are out far beyond what I deserve. I have, to myself, one double-wide dresser. A total of 8 drawers. I have one full-sized closet in which I hang work shirts and jackets, cute tops and dresses. In that closet hangs a shelving unit with 7 shelves for T-shirts and such. I have a built in storage area with two giant built-in drawers I use for workout clothes, PJs and sweaters. I also have a second full-sized closet where I hang pants, jeans and shoes. Oh and I also have a third, hallway-sized closet where I put all of my jackets, backpacks and clothes I'm thinking about selling.

How do people live with less? I have no idea. I really don't. I neeeeed all of my closets. All of my drawers--actually, no. That's not true. One drawer in the dresser is empty.

But I fear that very soon, I'll have to find out how all the rest of you live. I'm afraid.